Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacement

Multiple Teeth replacement can be done with fixed bridge implants.

Placing a fixed bridge on implants steps

  1. An examination is done and models are made
  2. Placement the implants.
  3. Attaching the bridge –The temporary bridge can be given initially. Implants may need 2 months or more to fully integrate/fuse with the jaw. Post that permanent bridges are fixed to the implants.

Dental Implants in Multiple Teeth Replacement offer you many advantages :

  • Dental Implants act like your natural tooth root.
  • Dental Implants are made of bio compatible materials.
  • Your implant can actually last a lifetime.
  • Are minimally invasive.
  • Maintain natural bone.
  • Provide stability and comfort


A durable bridge with natural looking teeth is securely positioned on dental implants. Healthy, adjacent teeth are left untouched.  Dental implants are strong, bio compatible fixtures made of titanium , that act just like natural tooth roots.

Multiple Teeth Replacement
Multiple Teeth Replacement
Fixed Bridge over Implants
Fixed Bridge over Implants