Questions About Treatment

Can you explain the timeline of the treatment? How many visits will be required and how long will each visit typically last?

For dental implants in India, we follow the US FDA approved 2 stage procedure. This can take upto 5 months and 02 visits.

1st visit  : Lasts around 8 business days (implants are placed and temporary teeth are given)

2nd visit: After 4-5 months, second visit which lasts for 12 business days, is  for final teeth.

Its a two stage process - so when do I get my teeth?

In the first visit, when the implants are placed, before you leave temporary teeth will be given to you.

These temporary teeth will remain with you till you get the final zirconia teeth

Final teeth are placed during the second visit.

Are the temporary teeth fixed or removable?

Temporary teeth can be fixed also using the same implant screw, it all depends on how stable the implants are. 
It can be non removable or fixed per implant's condition. 

How will the Treatment Plan Be Decided?

  • Treatment plans are determined based on the patient's existing condition.
  • Patients are required to share their X-rays, IOPA, CBCT scans, and other radiographs, along with dental charts, reports, or prescriptions from their dentist in their country.
  • Once we have received this information, our implant dentists discuss the patient's desired outcomes with them.
  • A treatment plan is proposed, and upon acceptance by the patient, we proceed to the next step.

What if something needs to be changed?

We have complete flexibility in terms changing anything.  Patient's can request for change and per the feasibility and Doctor's approval  we can change the treatment plan.

What is warranty on the Dental Implants?

All dental implants done at Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, come with life time warranty.

What does warranty cover?
In the unfortunate event of failure of any implant a new implant of same brand is provided, free of charge.

What is Warranty on Final Teeth or Prosthesis?

Zirconia Prosthesis has a warranty of 10 years. A new prosthesis is provided, free of charge in even of discoloration, chipping or breakage of final teeth.

Are the Dental Implants US FDA Certified?

At Center for Dental Implants & Esthetics, we use US FDA certified implants.

Non US FDA certified implants like basal implants are not used.

Who is the Implantologist? Please specifiy his/her credentials.

Dr Jyoti Singh (MDS) is one of the best implantologist in India.  She is alumna of top tier college in India - Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences.

She is board certified member of AAID (American Association of Implant Dentistry - JAPAN Region) and She earned a Diploma in Oral Implantology at WICO.

Trained by Nobel Biocare on Zygomatic Implants and All on 4 Implants she has more than 16 years of experience in Implantology.
More than 9500+ implants placed till date.

Will dentist in my country be able to attend to the dental work that I get in India?

Yes, we used standard dental implants, tool equipment, which are top notch, asia specific Korean brands are not suggested for international patients.

Dr Jyoti is certified member of American Association of Implant Dentistry

If ever there is need to attend to the dental work done at our clinic, your local dentist would be able to do so.

Questions About Full Mouth Package

What is the Full Mouth Implants Package?

The full mouth implants package includes everything required to provide fixed zirconia teeth on both jaws using the All-on-4 technique. Whether you need extractions, bone grafts, or ridge expansion, this is the all-inclusive cost.

In fact, this package even includes accommodation and airport transfers.

What if I need just one jaw and not both?

You wil be paying for single jaw only, please ask our representative discuss your case for single jaw and total cost.

How will the Treatment Plan Be Decided?

As mentioned above, individual plan is decided as per the x-rays and CBCT images.

Your package includes "Nobel Biocare Implants", what if I want to have implant brand of my choice?

Here are inclusions in the full mouth dental implants package

I have limited bone, I will need bone grafts? Are they included?

Yes we have included bone grafts in the package, need not pay for them separately.

What about radiographs, OPG, and CBCT (3D X-ray)?

All small intraoral periapical X-rays (IOPA) are included in the package. However, if a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scan or Orthopantomogram (OPG) is required, it would incur an additional cost.
CBCT  - USD 100/-
OPG - USD 20/-

Will you provide medications needed post dental implant surgery?

Yes, Doctor will prescribe medications, which will be given to you and cost medications is included in the package.

I understand I will get Zirconia teeth, I am concerned about shade?

Yes shade of teeth is very important. We use digital imaging which is sent to the lab for teeth fabrication. So whole operation is error free.

You can pick and choose any of the possible 20 shades, in which Zirconia is available.

How can I ensure quality/aunthenticity of the products being used

Approximately 95% of our products are sourced from reputable international brands based in North America and Europe. These include all implants and other dental materials. Patients can request a list of these products.

After the procedure, patients receive a report detailing the products used, along with stickers providing proof of authenticity.

What brands of implants are included in the package? What if I want a different brand?

The All-on-4 implant technique, pioneered by Nobel Biocare, the original innovator of dental implants, includes Nobel Biocare Active implants in its package.

Additionally, we offer implants from other reputable brands, such as:

  • Osstem/Hiossen
  • Nobel Biocare Active - TiUltra Surface
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Straumann

Please consult your treatment coordinator to inquire about the availability of specific brands.

Questions Visa/Travel/Accomodation

What type of visa I will need?

Although you may qualify for a medical visa, since the duration of stay for the procedure is very short, a tourist visa can suffice.

Indian Government has provision for eVisa, which can be applied online. Our team assists patients visiting India.

Will someone Help me when I arrive at the Airport?

Yes, you will be assisted by our team. All team members speak English. You will have a dedicated point of cantact during your stay.

What Kind of accomodation is part of the package?

Our clinics are located in Gurugram (formerly known as Gurgaon), a hub for medical tourists. There are numerous affordable options for bed and breakfasts, hotels, and serviced apartments available nearby.

Accommodation typically includes lodging and breakfast, and if you prefer self-catering, that option is also available.

You can ask our staff for pictures and details of available accommodation options.

What if I do not like the accomodation provided?

If for any reason you do not like the accomodation, we try to provide alternatives in the vicinity, which provide similar/equivalent facilities.

What about food?

Your accomodation comes with breakfast. For other meals, there are number of eatries around or you have option of  self catering.

Gurugram have a great network of food delivery, which deliver nearly all types of cuisine within 30 mins.

If I need to travel locally, How do I do that?

For travelling within the city, we have Uber and Ola (uber clone).

Also for short distance tuk-tuk or auto rikshaws are also available. Usually rides within the city cost 1.50 USD at most. 

Where exactly are your clinics located?

All our clinics are in Gurugram, which falls under National Capital Region, it adjoins Delhi (capital of India) and nearest International airport is around 15 km away.

How far is Tajmahal?

Taj mahak is in Agra which is around 200 km aways and well connected by high speed expressway.  Usually its a day trip to Agra and back.

What is the best time to plan trip to India?

Although with climate control everywhere, it is now easier to visit India all through the year.

We will suggest to avoid June, July and August because of extreme heat and rains.