Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Without Breaking The Bank or
Worrying About Visa, Travel or Stay

Our All-Inclusive Package Let's You Focus on Treatment & Recovery

Full Mouth Implants Package

Our full mouth dental implants package is all inclusive and affordable dental implants solution. We have included all that is required to get new fixed teeth.  Starting from consultation, surgery, travel, stay, medication visa, and 3 years of annual review.

It takes 02 visits for any type of implant procedure, usually these trips are 3-4 months apart.  First visit is for implant placement and second is for final prosthesis (teeth).

What is Included



Extractions All extractions included (excluding wisdom tooth)
Bone Graft All sites where implants are planned & bone graft is required
Membranes Plasma membrane & Colagide
Ridge Expansion or other procedure If needed, is included
Dental Implants 08 Nobel Biocare Active or Equivalent European Implants, number of implants as required for the technique
Temporary Teeth Non screwed-in temporary acrylic basic dentures for 3-4 months
Technique All on 4
Final Teeth Number of teeth: 12 or 14, Type of teeth: Zirconia
X-rays All x-rays included
Blood Reports Pre-surgery blood reports included
Medication All pre & post procedure medication
Follow up Free of charge one annual review for up to 5 years from date of prosthesis delivery, in person or remote



Visa : Free Visa assitance ( visa fees to government of India - not included)

Local Transfers : Delhi Airport to & fro transfers, all trips to clinic from hotel



Accomodation :  5 days (1st visit) + upto 10 days (2nd visit) included

Type :  B&B near clinic, self catering available

 Package Cost 

US Dollars : 12000

Mode :  Cash/Card/Wire Transfer

Payment Schedule

Flexible Payment Options: We offer a flexible payment schedule to ensure a smooth process for our patients. Evaluation of your case is free of charge, and we provide personalized treatment plans via email at no cost.
Booking Process: Here's how our booking process works:
Initial Information: Patient sends initial information such as reports, current condition, and OPG or digital x-ray.
Doctor's Evaluation: Our doctor reviews the provided information and suggests feasibility for treatment.
Video Consultation: We schedule a no-obligation discussion with the doctor via video call, where you can discuss your treatment options and ask any questions you may have.
Confirmation and Booking: If you're satisfied and wish to proceed, you can book your slot. A payment of USD 200 is required for slot booking. The remaining balance for the surgery is due at the clinic, payable in cash, card, or online.
Accommodation Booking: Once your travel schedule is confirmed, inform our team, and we'll arrange your accommodation accordingly.
Ready to Fly: You will be received by our team at the airport, ensuring a hassle-free arrival at your destination.